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Sync Office 365 shared calendar with IOS and Android

After signing up for Office 365 and setting everything up on 2 computers, phones and tablets, I were very surprised to find that IOS and Android is not able to display calendars shared from Office 365.

There are some work arounds involving the OWA app (not as intuitive as using the native calendar app), publishing the calendar (making it available for all who has the link) or setting up a joined shared calendar (not as user friendly due to having to use 2 calendars, and also not able to differentiate the calendar entries by color).

The solution: Install Team Calendar Sync on the IOS / Android devices that needs to access the shared calendars. This will sync the shared calendars allowing the user to displaying it as any other native calendar. It does cost around 7 Euros, but that is certainly worth the cost until Microsoft and IOS / Android becomes better friends.

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